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Our History

Letter to Visitors

We extend a warm welcome to you at Saibhir Interior, a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and your dreams transform into reality. We are thrilled to have you here, and we hope that your experience with us will be truly unforgettable.

Saibhir Interior was born out of a deep-rooted passion for aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. Since our establishment in 2018, we have dedicated ourselves to redefining the concept of interior design. Our mission is to provide discerning individuals and businesses with an extraordinary interior design experience that goes beyond expectations.

What sets Saibhir Interior apart is our commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and innovation. From sourcing the finest materials to employing meticulous construction techniques, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of perfection. Each project we undertake is a true work of art, showcasing our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results that surpass even the highest standards.

At Saibhir Interior, we understand that true value lies in the lasting satisfaction and joy derived from owning a space that reflects your individuality and personal style. That’s why we offer a level of customization and personalization that sets us apart from the ordinary. Our designs are tailor-made to reflect your unique personality, ensuring that your space becomes a true reflection of who you are.

Transparency is at the core of our business philosophy. We believe in open communication and trust-building, taking the time to understand your unique requirements, preferences, and aspirations. By collaborating closely with you, we ensure that your vision becomes the guiding force behind our design process. Our commitment to transparency has fostered long-term relationships with our clients, who appreciate the honesty and integrity with which we operate.

Saibhir Interior embraces a diverse range of styles, seamlessly blending timeless and classic elements with modern and avant-garde touches. Our team of visionaries and artisans meticulously select the finest materials, furniture, lighting, and accessories to bring your vision to life. We understand the transformative power of light, color, texture, and spatial arrangement, and we use these elements to create atmospheres that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression.

More than just designing spaces, we curate unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s transforming your home, office, retail space, or hospitality establishment, our goal is to create spaces that tell stories, foster connections, and evoke a sense of joy and well-being. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey, where your space becomes a reflection of your unique personality and style.

Once again, we welcome you to Saibhir Interior. Explore the magic that awaits within our walls, and let our team of visionaries and artisans guide you towards creating the space of your dreams. We are excited to be a part of your journey and look forward to turning your ordinary space into an extraordinary masterpiece.

Warm regards,

The Saibhir Interior Team


A Vision Takes Shape – The Birth of Saibhir Interior

In 2018, Saibhir Interior was born, a testament to the visionary spirit of Alexander Amiri. With a deep passion for interior design and furniture, he embarked on a journey to create a brand that would redefine luxury and craftsmanship.


Designing Dreams – Unveiling Exceptional Creations

Like a symphony of elegance and artistry, Saibhir Interior unveiled its first collection of extraordinary furniture designs. Each piece spoke a language of impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite detail, captivating the hearts and imaginations of those who encountered them.

As the whispers of Alexander’s talent spread like wildfire, the demand for his bespoke furniture grew exponentially. Each creation was a testament to his artistry, capturing the hearts and imaginations of those fortunate enough to witness his craftsmanship.

As the seasons changed and the creative energy swirled, 2019 became a year of flourishing partnerships. Saibhir embraced the synergy between its artisans and the design community, fostering a harmonious collaboration that birthed breathtaking projects. Interior designers and architects found solace in Saibhir’s ability to bring their visions to life, elevating spaces into breathtaking works of art that transcended the ordinary.


Saibhir’s Creations Become Catalysts for Design Innovation

In the tapestry of design, 2020 saw Saibhir’s creations serve as catalysts for innovation. Design professionals found inspiration in the brand’s masterpieces, with each bespoke piece pushing the boundaries of creativity. Saibhir’s custom-made furniture became the centerpiece of bold design concepts, allowing interior designers and architects to weave narratives of elegance and sophistication that captivated the imagination of all who encountered their visionary spaces.


Saibhir’s Designs Garner Global Acclaim

Like whispers carried by the wind, Saibhir’s designs garnered global acclaim in 2021. The brand’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail resonated deeply with interior designers and architects worldwide. Publications and industry forums celebrated Saibhir’s transformative influence on design, applauding its ability to seamlessly merge form and function. The world became enthralled by Saibhir’s creations, fueling the collective imagination of design professionals who sought to emulate its artistic brilliance.


Collaborations that Redefine Beauty

In the symphony of collaboration, 2022 witnessed Saibhir partnering with renowned interior designers and architects. These alliances birthed awe-inspiring projects that redefined the very essence of beauty. Saibhir’s custom-made furniture, infused with the unique design perspectives of these creative minds, graced the halls of iconic buildings and the interiors of esteemed residences. The world marveled at the harmonious union of artistry and functionality, with each collaboration pushing the boundaries of design innovation.


Saibhir’s Legacy Inspires Generations of Designers

As the sands of time continued to flow, 2023 etched Saibhir’s legacy deep into the hearts of designers. The brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its ability to materialize visions ignited a passion that transcended generations. Aspiring interior designers and architects found themselves enamored with Saibhir’s creative spirit, aspiring to create spaces that embodied the same level of splendor and grace.

With every passing year, Saibhir’s enchantment with the design community grew stronger. Interior designers and architects found themselves immersed in a love affair with Saibhir’s bespoke creations, captivated by the brand’s ability to transform their visions into tangible reality. Together, they wove a tapestry of design brilliance, leaving an indelible mark on the world of interior aesthetics and inspiring future generations to embrace the transformative power of exceptional craftsmanship.