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Shopping Custom and Made to Order Furniture at Saibhir Interior
Have you ever wondered how Saibhir designers, your favourite home decor Instagrammers, and people with impeccably crafted spaces seem to always find the perfect furniture to fit their homes? In many instances, they have not simply chosen a sofa from an available selection but have instead opted for custom furniture that is designed specifically for their home. Custom made to order furniture can let you choose an array of attributes — in some cases, you’re selecting just the upholstery from a swatch book; in others, you may be deciding on every detail of your chosen furniture piece. You may think that at a retail furniture store your options are limited to what you see in the showroom, but at Saibhir Interior we have a range of sofas and suites with customizable options to create the dream furniture setup for your home.

What is custom furniture from Saibhir Interior?
To begin with, let’s explain what is available in terms of the custom furniture we offer. All our made to order furniture is within our sofa and suite collection. From traditional sofas to modular pieces, sofa beds to ottoman footstools, we have a variety of seating and associated pieces that can be customized to your specifications and preferences.  Our manufacturing partners offer expert craftsmanship and design knowledge to create their sofas suites, and then it’s your turn to put your own spin on it and try your hand at a bit of furniture design. The exact options you can select for yourself vary by piece, but whether you’re looking for a specific fabric color to match your decor aesthetic, a contrast-stitch detail that will let your sofa really stand out, or even specific measurements to fit a room, you’ll find made to order furniture to match at Saibhir Interior.

How do I buy customized furniture from Saibhir Interior?
Now, shopping customizable furniture in-store may seem simple, with an expert from our sales team available to assist and swatch books on-hand to let you see all the options, but what about buying made to order furniture online from our website? You may be surprised to find out how convenient and enjoyable shopping for custom furniture online at Saibhir Interior can be. 

When you’re browsing for sofas, chair, dining table and coffee table on our website, keep an eye out for the ‘Custom Made to Order’ badge or visit our dedicated category page for all of the customizable furniture we have listed on our site. Once you’ve found a the right furniture shape you like the look of, use our convenient inquiry form to get in touch. Simply click ‘Make an Inquiry’ and fill in your details — our sales team will get a message letting them know exactly which product you’re interested in. 
From there, our team can offer you the same high level of customer service and furniture expertise online as we do in-store. Whether you’re from United of State or Australia all the way in Netherlands, next door in Belgium or across the country in Germany, we’ll help you create your dream home or business with furniture from Saibhir Interior. When you send an inquiry form, our team will be in touch with all the details about your custom furniture options, and we can even share swatches and more to get the right color of your choice.