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While event chairs are unlikely to be the main focus of wedding planning, what bride wouldn’t love to seat her guests in a perfect event chair? Today there are so many options available and these chairs are one of the most highly requested chairs of all.

Although brides have certainly helped fuel the demand for these chairs because of their appearance, the real success of the Chiavari chairs is due to the design. Not only are the chairs stylish, they are comfortable, and their design lends itself to a variety of events from casual chic to semi formal or formal. It’s easy to see why this sturdy and dependable chair has become the workhorse of event chairs.

Saibhir Interior chairs are considered one of the strongest and most durable chairs in the industry. Commercial-grade, comfortable, stack-able chairs. Great for board meetings, seminars, hotels, award ceremonies, receptions, venues, wedding venues, catering, party rental businesses, events companies, churches and any business or individual in the market for these wood chairs. Constructed with strong wood and powder coat finishes, these chairs will prove to be a smart investment and stand the test of time. When the events ends, stack the chairs. Simple clean up, and you don’t have to worry about where to put them, the stack-able nature allows you to fit more in a closet. We offer variety of chairs colors for you to choose from, that way you find any color to match your event’s theme, with no chair covers needed. We have some of the more popular color options like gold, navy blue, black, white and we offer options in both vinyl and fabric cushions.