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Welcome to Saibhir Interior, where we bring the art of furniture making to life. Quality and customization are our top priorities. Whether you're looking for a unique piece for your home or a complete interior design solution for your business, our craftsmanship and dedication to quality speak for themselves. Customization from Design to Realization At Saibhir Interior, we believe that every piece of furniture should tell a story. That's why we offer a wide range of custom-made furniture, all crafted according to

We are delighted to announce that Saibhir Interiors, a name synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design, has been featured on the renowned platform, LA Weekly. This incredible recognition has given us the opportunity to share our passion for bespoke furniture and the meticulous process we undertake to bring our clients' visions to life. Join us as we take you on a journey from concept to creation, showcased in our feature article on LA Weekly's website. At Saibhir Interiors, we believe

As we say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023, we at Saibhir Interior want to take a moment to thank all of our valued customers for their support over the past year. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve so many entrepreneurs and private customers, and are thrilled to have helped so many create beautiful and functional spaces. As we look ahead to the new year, we are excited to continue offering our high-quality custom furniture and exceptional customer

Shopping Custom and Made to Order Furniture at Saibhir InteriorHave you ever wondered how Saibhir designers, your favourite home decor Instagrammers, and people with impeccably crafted spaces seem to always find the perfect furniture to fit their homes? In many instances, they have not simply chosen a sofa from an available selection but have instead opted for custom furniture that is designed specifically for their home. Custom made to order furniture can let you choose an array of attributes —

While event chairs are unlikely to be the main focus of wedding planning, what bride wouldn’t love to seat her guests in a perfect event chair? Today there are so many options available and these chairs are one of the most highly requested chairs of all. Although brides have certainly helped fuel the demand for these chairs because of their appearance, the real success of the Chiavari chairs is due to the design. Not only are the chairs stylish, they are

A chair with a timeless design for comfortable sitting. The name of the chair is derived from the crossed back construction that ensures its stability and comfort. It offers versatile use. Suitable for weddings, restaurants, canteens and wine bars, cafes and various social events.Crossback chairs are designed in rural wine-growing style and are an ideal accessory for homes, restaurants, cafes, bars and wedding halls.

Freight costs started increasing in the fourth quarter of 2020 and have since reached new heights. The situation is so serious that shipping costs are putting importers out of business, and some are forced to stock finished products in suppliers' warehouses until costs come down. At the time of writing, freight rates are arguably the most pressing concern for importers.

In recent years, we have seen a proliferation of digital payment methods, from credit and debit cards to mobile apps and cryptocurrency. And now, the European Central Bank is exploring the possibility of launching a digital version of the euro, known as a digital euro. So what exactly is a digital euro, and how will it change the way we use money? A digital euro is a digital version of the physical currency that we use every day. It would be issued